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Registering a foreign power of attorney
Jersey | 25 February 2021

If a person holds assets in Jersey, they may wish to appoint someone who can manage those assets in the event that they should lose capacity to such an extent that they can no longer do this themselves. At present, there is no facility for such individual to put a local Jersey lasting power of attorney in place to cover their Jersey-based assets. Instead, the Royal Court will recognise the foreign power of attorney, provided that power of attorney is registered with the court.

At a glance guide to Jersey wills for non-domiciled individuals
Jersey | 18 April 2019

Personal assets that most commonly need to be accessed in Jersey following the death of a non-domiciled person are shares in Jersey companies and Jersey bank accounts and investments. If individuals are domiciled outside Jersey, they need not prepare a separate will to cover their Jersey personal estate if they already have a valid one which covers their worldwide personal estate; however, doing so can offer significant benefits.

Differences between Jersey and English processes on probate and wills of real estate
Jersey | 25 May 2017

Jersey's law of inheritance and probate differs significantly from that of England and creates responsibilities for the executors and administrators of those who leave movable assets in Jersey on their death. This affects inheritance and probate issues, and non-Jersey practitioners can minimise complexities and delays by taking advice and guidance on Jersey law at an early stage.