Ms Sung-Yeon Cho

Sung-Yeon Cho


Intellectual Property

Notable changes to trademark practice
South Korea | 22 March 2021

The Korean Intellectual Property Office recently updated the Trademark Examination Guidelines, the Similar Goods Examination Guidelines and the Trademark Act Enforcement Rules. The updates affect, among other things, Class 09 software descriptions and non-traditional and foreign language trademarks. This article summarises the most noteworthy changes.

Relaxing of Enforcement Rules of the Design Protection Act from September 2020
South Korea | 21 September 2020

Continuing the trend of relaxed requirements for design applications, the Enforcement Rules of the Design Protection Act have been further eased in several aspects. This article explains the changes which affect mixed drawing formats, font designs in the TrueType font format and further categories of design which will be eligible for partial examination from 1 December 2020.