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Guide to international expansion in the education sector – part two
International | 03 November 2020

School closures, social distancing, remote learning and a reduction in international travel and student exchange for the foreseeable future are all placing a significant strain on businesses in the education sector. Nevertheless, with every crisis comes opportunity. For the education sector, international expansion will be an important way of securing long-term financial viability through the creation of new revenue streams and the development of new edtech innovations.

Podcast: how to prepare your business for franchising
United Kingdom | 06 October 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the franchise model will play an important role in economic recovery, helping individuals to take their first steps into business ownership, presenting opportunities to established operators to grow their portfolios and enabling brand owners to expand and regain or grow their market share. This podcast explores the key legal considerations for any business which is preparing to franchise.

COVID-19: how franchise and distribution networks can respond
United Kingdom | 31 March 2020

There is no one-size-fits-all plan for how businesses should respond to the COVID-19 crisis. However, this article provides some guidance for businesses which are primarily consumer focused and use franchise and distribution networks to sell their products and services in order to help them to respond to the challenges ahead and hopefully even emerge on a stronger footing than before.

Guide to international expansion in the education sector – part one
United Kingdom | 17 March 2020

A British education is internationally regarded as the gold standard, as reflected in the dominance of British international schools. Done correctly, the execution of a school's international franchising strategy can become a core asset. However, the most appropriate structure must be determined at the outset, as restructuring an international licence is a complex, costly and time-consuming exercise.

Joint venture franchises: the whys and wherefores
International | 21 August 2018

Franchising provides a flexible model for growth or re-engineering, with a variety of structures to meet different needs. Of all of the structures, the joint venture franchise is the least understood and most likely to cause difficulties if not structured correctly. In order to understand why this is so, it is necessary to consider the rationale for using the joint venture model and the manner in which such a relationship should be structured.

Franchising and e-commerce – the e-lephant in the room
European Union | 24 November 2015

Franchise rights tend to be granted on a 'pure-play' basis – that is, the franchisee is granted the right to open and operate physical premises selling products and services in an allocated territory, with the franchisor reserving its rights in respect of other channels, such as e-commerce. However, this model is becoming increasingly outdated. Various options exist for bringing e-commerce into the franchise system.

Being part of the crowd: mini-bonds and crowdfunding for franchise growth
United Kingdom | 14 July 2015

Restricted access to traditional sources of funding in recent years has seen a growth in alternative finance sources for new franchise businesses and ventures – in particular, mini-bonds and crowdfunding. These offer the franchise sector a real opportunity for growth, but it is important that both the franchisor and franchisee appreciate how these alternative financings work and the potential consequences of using them.

New consumer protection rights – is your franchise compliant?
United Kingdom | 22 July 2014

In a bid to increase consumers' awareness of their rights and provide greater protection, new regulations recently entered into force which implement certain elements of the EU Consumer Rights Directive. Franchisors need to ensure that their legal compliance programmes and those of their franchisees, including any related consumer terms and conditions, are in line with the revised requirements.

Social media use in franchise networks: reducing risks and reaping rewards
International | 06 May 2014

Social media platforms are a powerful tool for any business, but a number of legal risks can arise if they are misused, along with the potential to create more harm than good for a brand. For businesses that use third-party structures such as franchising, there is an additional layer of risk and opportunity. Franchisors should develop a clear online strategy while retaining ultimate control over their brand.

Running a legally compliant advertising campaign in a franchise network
United Kingdom | 18 February 2014

Franchisors can reap significant benefits from a successful advertising campaign – in terms of both attracting potential franchisees and gaining new customers or increased sales. However, a poorly conceived or executed campaign can not only reduce goodwill, but also prove costly to remedy. Therefore, it is important to ensure that marketing campaigns comply with relevant advertising laws and regulations.