Ms Chelsea Rasmussen

Chelsea Rasmussen

Lawyer biography

Chelsea Rasmussen is an articling student at Dentons in Toronto, Canada.  Chelsea completed her J.D. at the University of Windsor.  Prior to law school, Chelsea obtained an Honors Specialization in Political Science and a Minor in French from the University of Western Ontario.  While at law school, Chelsea was actively involved with the law school community and held a variety of leadership positions.  In 2012, Chelsea received the Judge Juanita Westmoreland-Traore Leadership Award.



Court of appeal refuses to reinstate jail sentence… this time
Canada | 30 April 2019

The Ontario Court of Appeal recently provided clarity on the sentencing principles in Occupational Health and Safety Act cases. The court clarified that just because jail terms are rare does not mean that they should not be imposed. In its decision, the court discussed the principles of sentencing for regulatory offences at length and recognised the primacy of fines over incarceration in sentencing (ie, in most cases, fines will be more appropriate than jail time).

Judicial inattentiveness? Speak up or forever hold your peace!
Canada | 14 March 2017

We have all heard the expression 'wakey, wakey', but imagine representing a client who has waited years for his or her case to reach trial only to find out that the trial judge falls asleep from time to time. What obligations, if any, does counsel have to a client at trial when the trier of fact is 'asleep at the wheel'?

Cultural revolution: judicial squeezing, pinching and hammering
Canada | 26 March 2013

Litigators in Ontario have found themselves in the midst of what some jurists have called a "cultural revolution" with respect to the manner in which the courts expect litigants and their counsel to behave. One of the driving forces behind this has no doubt been the proliferation of protracted interlocutory disputes over the sufficiency and adequacy of documentary production that has hamstrung the court, spawning scheduling bottlenecks.