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Alex Horsbrugh-Porter

Snapshot: application to court for restoration of Guernsey company

Private Client & Offshore Services - Guernsey

In Guernsey, there is a relatively quick and easy process for restoring companies to the Register of Companies when they have been struck off and dissolved.

Pedro Cortés

Provision and distribution of financial products to professional investors

Banking & Financial Services - Macau
Rato, Ling, Lei & Cortés Advogados

The Monetary Authority of Macao has been aligning its activity with the development of the financial markets and products in the Macau Special Administrative Region (MSAR) and recently issued a circular regarding the provision and distribution of financial products to professional investors.

David Hanke

Combating foreign malign influence or espionage activities targeting institutions of higher education

International Trade - USA
Arent Fox LLP

New legislation may soon expand the jurisdiction of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States as part of a broader push by Congress to position the United States to out compete China in the coming decades and counter China's increasing global influence.

Alicia Herrador Muñoz

Composition of active mass: inventory of goods and rights

Insolvency & Restructuring - Spain
Augusta Abogados

The Consolidated Text of the Bankruptcy Law introduces the concept of the 'active mass' of a bankruptcy, which constitutes all of the assets and rights integrated into the bankrupt's assets on the date of the declaration of bankruptcy, as well as those that are reintegrated to the bankrupt or acquired before the conclusion of the bankruptcy proceedings.

Bai Huasheng

SPC reiterates separate comparison principle in novelty assessment

Intellectual Property - China
Wanhuida Intellectual Property

In a landmark case, the Supreme People's Court (SPC) IP Tribunal clarified that two reference documents which disclosed technical solutions that point to the same prior art could not be combined in an assessment of claim novelty because such a combination would create a prior art that had not been disclosed by either document yet existed in the mind of the assessor.

Katsuki Matsuura

Options for launching business in Japan

Corporate & Commercial - Japan
City-Yuwa Partners

When expanding business to Japan, non-Japanese companies could consider acquiring an existing Japanese company, establishing a new company, branch or representative office or simply commencing business through a company located outside Japan.



Corporate and commercial: trends and issues

Corporate & Commercial / Cyprus, India, Italy, Romania


Open banking – revolution or risk?

Banking & Financial Services / Nigeria


Aviation industry trends

Aviation / Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, France, Germany, Israel, Peru