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Al-Leecia Delancy

Public Procurement Act 2021: obtaining government contracts

Projects, Construction & Infrastructure - Bahamas
Lennox Paton

The government has been criticised both locally and internationally in relation to the transparency and procedure surrounding the procurement of government contracts.

Sarah MacDonald

ASA to name influencers who repeatedly break advertising rules

Tech, Data, Telecoms & Media - United Kingdom
Wiggin LLP

The Advertising Standards Authority has launched a dedicated page on its website to highlight individual influencers who, despite being put on notice that they would face further penalties if they did not follow the advertising rules, have repeatedly failed to disclose when their Instagram posts are ads.

Stephanie Yonekura

Joint focus by Biden administration and Congress points towards enhanced anti-corruption efforts

White Collar Crime - USA
Hogan Lovells

There has been significant movement recently, by both the Biden administration and Congress, to enhance the government's ability to tackle corruption.

Live Marie Hansen

Protection of plant varieties under plant breeders' rights

Intellectual Property - Norway
Bryn Aarflot AS

Plant breeders' rights provide protection of plant varieties.

Christian Holzer

Supreme Administrative Court once again favours environmental organisations

Environment & Climate Change - Austria

The Supreme Administrative Court remains on course with its pro-environmental organisation (EO) case law.

Antony Sassi

Court of Appeal on extensions of time to appeal and stays

Litigation - Hong Kong

The Court of Appeal recently had the opportunity to review some important points of practice regarding appeals against first-instance judgments – in particular, with respect to applications to extend time to appeal and to stay execution of judgments pending an appeal.



Corporate and commercial: trends and issues

Corporate & Commercial / Cyprus, India, Italy, Romania


Open banking – revolution or risk?

Banking & Financial Services / Nigeria


Aviation industry trends

Aviation / Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, France, Germany, Israel, Peru