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David Wardell

Ins and outs of handling material non-public information

Healthcare & Life Sciences - USA
Baker McKenzie

The US Securities and Exchange Commission continues to focus on healthcare and life sciences companies when it comes to disclosure and reporting requirements.

Kelly Sánchez

Trademark cancellation for lack of use: not always a reliable strategy

Intellectual Property - Peru
OMC Abogados & Consultores

Due to the complexity of the Andean Community's legislation on the partial cancellation of trademarks, the Trademark Office of the National Institute for the Defence of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property has issued two mandatory precedents in this regard.

Jesse W Markham

Restructured California Attorney General's Office: will healthcare antitrust enforcement change?

Competition & Antitrust - USA
Baker & Miller PLLC

Prior to stepping down as California's attorney general to assume his new role as secretary of health and human services, Xavier Becerra consolidated all aspects of healthcare enforcement under a new Healthcare Rights and Access Section.

Emily Saffer

High Court issues reminder of res judicata and abuse of process principles

Litigation - United Kingdom

In a recent decision, the High Court acted to prevent a claim being re-litigated by parties not content with the earlier outcomes.

Maurus Winzap

Abolition of issuance stamp duty to further boost Swiss economy

Corporate Tax - Switzerland
Walder Wyss Ltd

In Switzerland, 1% issuance stamp duty is levied on capital contributions from shareholders to Swiss companies.

Gordon Moir

Ofcom publishes terms of reference for its mobile strategy review

Tech, Data, Telecoms & Media - United Kingdom
Wiggin LLP

In its plan of work for 2021/2022, Ofcom outlined plans to develop a strategy for its approach to the mobile sector to support innovation and ensure that people across the United Kingdom get the connections that they need.



Corporate and commercial: trends and issues

Corporate & Commercial / Cyprus, India, Italy, Romania


Open banking – revolution or risk?

Banking & Financial Services / Nigeria


Aviation industry trends

Aviation / Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, France, Germany, Israel, Peru