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Foreign Suppliers Cannot Initiate Complaints under Agreement on Internal Trade
  • Canada
  • 20 November 2009

The Supreme Court of Canada recently issued a ruling that clearly restricts the ability of foreign companies to initiate procurement complaints under the Agreement on Internal Trade. The court found that the agreement is focused on domestic trade, and that in order to have standing to complain under the agreement, the complainant must fall within the agreement's scope.

Government Tables Text of Canada-Jordan Free Trade Agreement
  • Canada
  • 02 October 2009

The texts of the Canada-Jordan Free Trade Agreement and several parallel agreements were recently presented to Parliament. The agreements will be open for review and debate for 21 sitting days. If brought into force, the free trade agreement will eliminate all non-agricultural tariffs and most agricultural tariffs, in addition to introducing commitments to reduce non-tariff barriers.

Outsourcing for NAFTA Benefits: How Marking Rules Can Remove Duties
  • Canada
  • 26 June 2009

A recent Canadian International Trade Tribunal decision demonstrates the complexity of international trade rules, but also the resulting benefits to those companies that take extra care to work through them in detail. In this case an importer of t-shirts successfully demonstrated that the goods were eligible for duty-free importation into Canada under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Moving Towards EU-Canada Economic Agreement: Results of Scoping Exercises
  • Canada
  • 12 June 2009

The historic launch of negotiations towards an economic partnership agreement between Canada and the European Union was recently announced. The negotiations will be guided by a joint 'scoping exercise' that culminated in the Joint Report on the EU-Canada Scoping Exercise, which outlines the areas proposed by both parties as subjects for upcoming negotiations.

Canada-EFTA Free Trade Agreement Enters into Force
  • Canada
  • 29 May 2009

Bill C-2, the domestic legislation required to implement the Canada-EFTA Free Trade Agreement, has passed its final reading in the Senate, meaning that the free trade agreement between Canada and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) will come into effect on July 1 2009. The agreement will open new markets for exporters and alleviate some of the burdens faced by those that import goods from EFTA countries.

Supreme Court Broadens GST Rebate Entitlement
  • Canada
  • 22 May 2009

The Supreme Court of Canada recently released a precedent-setting decision in the first appeal of a goods and services tax (GST) assessment to be heard by Canada's highest court. The decision serves to broaden the number of eligible claimants beyond the person with the 'legal liability' to pay GST in the case of claims for rebate in respect of GST paid in error.

Tariff Ruling in Force Beyond 'Best Before' Date
  • Canada
  • 15 May 2009

A recent decision illustrates a possible strategy available to an importer to delay implementation of a Canada Border Services Agency ruling that will have significant negative implications for its business. The court granted a stay of a revocation of an existing tariff classification ruling, thereby allowing the status quo to continue indefinitely until such time as a challenge to the replacement, negative ruling has been completed.

Federal Budget Proposes Measures to Stimulate International Trade
  • Canada
  • 06 February 2009

The recently released Budget 2009 includes a number of proposals that may increase the ability of Canadian industries and manufacturers to become and remain competitive in the international marketplace, including spending on border infrastructure, the availability of additional financing from Export Development Canada, amendments to the Customs Tariff and support for certain key sectors.

Canada Signs Free Trade Deal with Colombia
  • Canada
  • 05 December 2008

Canada and Colombia have officially signed a free trade agreement (FTA) which, when implemented, will significantly open up the markets of both countries. The FTA will provide Canadian and Colombian investors, importers and exporters with increased economic opportunities - a development which is viewed as particularly significant in light of the current economic turmoil in the world markets.

Canada to Deepen Trade Relations with the European Union
  • Canada
  • 14 November 2008

In October recently re-elected Prime Minister Stephen Harper and French President Nicolas Sarkozy met at a summit in Quebec City to discuss the possibility of a strategic partnership between Canada and the European Union, Canada’s second most important trading partner. Following this meeting, the leaders stated their intention to work together to define the scope of an ambitious economic agreement.

The Conservative Government’s International Trade and Investment Agenda
  • Canada
  • 31 October 2008

The Conservative government has proposed a number of measures to maintain and expand Canada’s international trade and investment relations. The government has indicated that it will continue to be outward looking from a trade and investment perspective and will focus on making Canadian companies more competitive in the global market.

Canada Proposes Elimination of Industrial Tariffs
  • Canada
  • 19 September 2008

The Canadian government has invited submissions from the public on its proposal to eliminate the most-favoured nation tariff on certain types of machinery and equipment. It is hoped that the tariff elimination initiative will reduce manufacturers' production costs and increase their competitiveness in the Canadian and export markets.

Canada Concludes Free Trade Agreement with Jordan
  • Canada
  • 12 September 2008

The Canadian government has announced the conclusion of free trade negotiations with Jordan. The Canada-Jordan Free Trade Agreement will open up new opportunities for importers, exporters and Canadian businesses seek­ing to participate in Jordan’s growing economy, and will permit Canadian businesses to take advantage of the immediate elimination of tariffs on a wide range of products.

Consultation Announced for Special Agricultural Safeguard
  • Canada
  • 05 September 2008

The government recently announced that it would be accepting public feedback regarding proposed price and volume triggers to the application of above-quota duties under the special agricultural safeguard applicable to supply-managed products. To have their comments considered, interested parties had to submit their comments before September 1 2008.

Cargo Security Programme Overhaul: More Stringent Requirements for Participants
  • Canada
  • 29 August 2008

In June 2008 significant developments were announced in connection with Canada’s cargo security programme, Partners in Protection. Current participants, including importers and carriers, as well as prospective participants, should take note of these developments and the opportunities and implications that they entail.

Latest Annual International Market Access Report Released
  • Canada
  • 22 August 2008

The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade has released Canada’s 2008 International Market Access Report. This annual report is meant to inform businesses and investors of foreign market opportunities and existing trade barriers, as well as to describe the steps the Canadian government is taking to improve market access.

Canada-France Joint Action Plan: Baby Steps to Potential EU Trade Deal
  • Canada
  • 11 July 2008

The recently signed Canada-France Joint Action Plan represents a commitment over the next two years towards further liberalizing trade and investment between the two nations and will potentially open the door to further trade deals between Canada and the European Union.

Free Trade Deal Concluded with Colombia
  • Canada
  • 04 July 2008

Canada recently announced the conclusion of a free trade agreement with Colombia as part of its Global Commerce Strategy. The Canada-Colombia agreement will offer a number of significant benefits to Canadian importers, exporters, service providers and investors.

Canada and Peru Enter into Free Trade Deal and Related Agreements
  • Canada
  • 27 June 2008

The Canadian government recently entered into the Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement, the Canada-Peru Agreement on the Environment and the Canada-Peru Agreement on Labour Cooperation. Canada’s newest free trade agreement offers significant benefits to Canadian importers, exporters and service providers, as well as to investors in several key sectors.

Budget 2008: The Trade and Border Security Agenda
  • Canada
  • 14 March 2008

The federal government recently announced its 2008 Budget. With this budget the government aims to strike a delicate balance between further opening Canada’s borders to trade and investment and security measures which would seem to restrict the borders to trade, investment and travel.

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