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Investment opportunities for GCC citizens
  • Qatar
  • 26 November 2012

While other economies continue to be battered by economic crises, Qatar's economy is undergoing a phase of unparalleled development and expansion. As a result, the states of the Gulf Cooperate Council are likely to have an increased appetite for investment in Qatar.

Trade secret protection
  • Qatar
  • 05 November 2012

Trade secrets in Qatar are protected under the Law on the Protection of Secrets of Trade. The law provides that legal title to a trade secret belongs to the individual or legal entity. It imposes a duty on the legal owner to exercise reasonable efforts to safeguard the trade secret. A breach of this duty may subject the owner to financial penalties and/or imprisonment.

Consumer protection legislation in Qatar
  • Qatar
  • 08 May 2012

The 2008 Consumer Protection Law, which was enacted to answer the demands of the victims of unscrupulous merchants, was recently amended. Among other changes, the amendment sets down restrictions on when suppliers can increase the prices of commodities and services, and alters the fines that can be imposed on suppliers that violate the law.

Overview (March 2012)
  • Qatar
  • 19 March 2012

Including: Investment restrictions; Choosing the most appropriate business medium; Company structures; Commercial registration and other formalities.

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