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Title defects ground sale of aircraft
  • Isle of Man
  • 02 October 2013

In a recent case the Isle of Man High Court found that the seller of an aircraft with title issues was an honest man who had been caught up in the aircraft's chequered history. The court found that the key legal issue was whether use of the aircraft after notice of termination was given barred the buyer from recovering the purchase price. The court ordered a refund irrespective of the buyer's use of the aircraft.

Registering and Owning Private and Corporate Aircraft
  • Isle of Man
  • 23 September 2009

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry provides for the registration of private and corporate jets and twin turbine-engine helicopters. At present, it is the only dedicated corporate aircraft register in Europe. In order to register an aircraft with the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry, certain procedures must be followed.

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