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Collection management agencies: licence to use or right to abuse?
  • Albania
  • 08 November 2010

In order to protect copyright effectively, the Law on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights envisages that royalties for copyright and neighbouring rights may be collected by licensed collection management agencies. 'Collection management agencies' are defined as legal entities which may be authorised to collect royalties for copyright and neighbouring rights on behalf of the rights holders, who grant such right to the agency.

IP licences examined through a competition lens
  • Albania
  • 17 May 2010

The recently approved Law on Industrial Property includes provisions which carefully delineate the proprietary rights granted to holders and users of IP rights. IP rights are increasingly crucial to all sectors of the economy. As such, the use and circulation of IP rights in the market are resulting in an unavoidable intersection with competition policy.

Overview (February 2010)
  • Albania
  • 08 February 2010

Including: Stabilization and Association Agreement; IP legal framework; industrial property; copyright; business secrets.

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