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Moving towards full privatisation of Albpetrol
  • Albania
  • 19 March 2012

The Parliamentary Committee on Economy has approved, in principle, the privatisation of 100% of the shares of Albpetrol, an Albanian state-owned oil company. After the privatisation, Albpetrol will be stripped of the tax privileges that derive from its position as a state-owned company. However, the seven concessionary agreements that it has entered into with foreign companies will remain unchanged after the sale.

Parliament prepares to privatise medium-capacity hydropower plants
  • Albania
  • 01 August 2011

At the beginning of 2011 Parliament raised the idea of privatising state assets, including some medium-capacity hydropower plants. This sparked a heated public debate, with opponents proposing a national referendum on the issue. However, with the recent passage of the Hydropower Plants Privatisation Law, Parliament has voted for the plants' privatisation, but also opened the door for a concession.

Power Sector Law amended to encompass renewable energy
  • Albania
  • 07 June 2010

The Power Sector Law, which establishes the main legal framework for the electricity sector in Albania, has been amended to reflect renewable energy and incentives for the construction of power plants using renewable energy. The amendments also introduce some additional powers of the Energy Regulatory Entity regarding renewable energy.

Nuclear power gets closer with establishment of National Nuclear Agency
  • Albania
  • 01 June 2010

The Council of Ministers has issued a decision establishing the National Nuclear Agency in order to progress the development of Albania's nuclear programme. The new agency is tasked with the preparation, supervision and development of the national nuclear programme. In order to accomplish its mission, it will cooperate with various public and private, national and international bodies.

Licensing for Construction of New Power Generation Plants
  • Albania
  • 07 December 2009

Some new construction projects that involve the construction of hydropower plants are subject to the Concessions Law. Other projects that are not subject to this law are regulated by Article 34.1 of the Power Sector Law. The Council of Ministers has approved the Regulation on Procedures for Granting of Authorizations for the Construction of Power Plants Not Subject to the Concessions Law.

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