Intellectual Property, Argentina updates

Damages Awarded for Wrongly Granted Trademark
  • Argentina
  • 09 October 2000

The Court of Appeal has recently issued an unprecedented and unusual decision, confirming a first instance decision which ordered the Trademark Office to pay for damages caused to the owners of a mistakenly granted trademark.

Resolution Affects Trademark Use
  • Argentina
  • 31 July 2000

In December 1999, the regulatory body in charge of the application of antitrust law issued a resolution of significance to trademark owners. The resolution establishes that those acts of economic concentration that imply the acquisition of control must be filed with the commission for approval. 'Economic concentration' may include the use of trademarks.

Conflict Between Domain Names and Trademarks
  • Argentina
  • 15 May 2000

The Argentinian courts have looked at the situation whereby a domain-name is registered on the Internet by a party that is unconnected to the equivalent registered trade-name/trademark. As a precautionary measure, the name can be temporarily assigned to the allegedly 'legitmate' claimant until the dispute is settled.

Overview (April 2000)
  • Argentina
  • 19 April 2000

Including: Patents; Industrial Models and Designs Certificates; Trademarks; Changes in Ownership

Courts Reinforce Trademark Protection
  • Argentina
  • 06 March 2000

A number of injunctions have recently been granted in cases involving trademark piracy and unfair competiton. These decisions reflect the principles of the Trade Related Intellectual Property Agreement.

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