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New financial regulatory framework for outsourcing and specific rules for cloud services
  • Luxembourg
  • June 09 2017

The Luxembourg financial sector regulator (CSSF) recently published a number of circulars in order to streamline its regulation of IT outsourcing in the financial sector and introduce specific rules for the use of cloud services. In doing so, the CSSF has defined the conditions under which financial service providers may outsource activities without infringing the regulatory principles of central administration and sound governance.

EAPOs in Luxembourg: a further erosion of bank secrecy?
  • Luxembourg
  • January 27 2017

EU Regulation 655/2014 recently became fully applicable, making it possible for creditors in Luxembourg to obtain a preservation order for the bank accounts of a debtor situated in another EU member state and vice versa. The regulation introduces a certain degree of transparency at the EU level with regard to debtors' assets, which is greater than that provided under existing Luxembourg law.

CSSF publishes FAQs on criteria for accepting external experts as internal auditors
  • Luxembourg
  • July 29 2016

The Luxembourg financial sector regulator (CSSF) recently published frequently asked questions clarifying the criteria that it considers when assessing whether to accept an external expert as a regulated entity's internal auditor. The CSSF also confirmed that the criteria are assessed proportionately, and that it may request further information or interview the relevant parties when determining whether outsourcing an internal audit is possible.

CSSF provides guidance on dormant accounts
  • Luxembourg
  • April 15 2016

The Luxembourg financial sector regulator has issued Circular 15/631, which provides guidance on the definition and treatment of dormant accounts. According to the circular, professionals should maintain regular contact with their clients and monitor client relationships with vigilance. They must also set out rules to determine clearly when a relationship has become inactive and when an account has become dormant.

New approval procedures for key function holders in credit institutions
  • Luxembourg
  • May 22 2015

Persons exercising key functions in credit institutions are now subject to specific approval by the Luxembourg financial regulator, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). The CSSF recently published guidelines on the new prudential approval procedure, which applies to directors, authorised managers and persons in charge of internal control functions.

Capital Markets

New Act on Market Abuse following amendments to EU framework
  • Luxembourg
  • June 20 2017

Following the adoption of Bill of Law 7022, the new Act on Market Abuse recently entered into force. The act significantly increases the administrative and criminal penalties for infringements of market abuse provisions and designates the Luxembourg financial sector regulator as the competent authority for the purposes of the EU Market Abuse Regulation. It also extends the definition of 'regulated information' provided for in the Act on Transparency Requirements for Issuers.

Luxembourg Green Exchange promotes green financial instruments
  • Luxembourg
  • November 22 2016

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) recently introduced a new specific platform for green financial instruments: the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX). Although joining the LGX is optional and green securities can be listed on the LuxSE and recognised as green regardless of whether the issuer chooses to join the LGX, having securities admitted to the LGX will increase investor confidence as to their green nature.

EU Market Abuse Regulation shakes up local legal framework
  • Luxembourg
  • July 26 2016

The EU Market Abuse Regulation recently came into force in Luxembourg and a new market abuse regime affecting listed companies has been implemented. In addition, a wider set of rules covering the disclosure of inside information, insider list manager transactions and modifications relating to multilateral trading facility (MTF) platforms – including the Luxembourg Euro MTF market – have been introduced.

Luxembourg Stock Exchange publishes FAQs on Euro MTF market rules and regulations
  • Luxembourg
  • June 21 2016

Updated Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) rules and regulations came into force in January 2016 and the LuxSE recently published frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the Euro MTF Market rules. The FAQs include information on approvals and the requirements for the different types of security generally issued. They also provide support to practitioners in regards to prospectus approvals and the Euro MTF market listing process.

Luxembourg Stock Exchange publishes new rules and regulations
  • Luxembourg
  • February 09 2016

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange recently published new rules which are now in force and which replace the previous set of rules. Among other things, references to obsolete regulations have been deleted and discrepancies in terminology have been corrected, while certain requirements have been relaxed in accordance with EU regulations.

Employment & Benefits

Contributed by Castegnaro
New bill recommends creation of Centre for Health, Safety and Quality of Life at Work in the Civil Service
  • Luxembourg
  • November 29 2017

The minister for the civil service and administrative reform recently submitted a bill to the Chamber of Deputies recommending the creation of the Centre for Health, Safety and Quality of Life at Work in the Civil Service. The bill also recommends that 'psychosocial risks' within the context of employment relationships be defined in line with Belgian employment legislation and aims to close the legal gap relating to procedures to combat harassment.

New system introduced to combat long-term unemployment
  • Luxembourg
  • October 25 2017

The Law of July 20 2017, which modified the Labour Code by introducing a new system to combat long-term unemployment, recently came into force. The law has introduced a new form of aid to promote the employment of the long-term unemployed and amended the aid system for hiring older unemployed persons. It has also extended the availability of the professional training internship and reduced the duration of compensated temporary occupations.

Bill introducing 'time savings account' for civil service officials submitted
  • Luxembourg
  • October 18 2017

The Ministry of the Civil Service and Administrative Reform recently submitted Bill 7171, which defines the terms and conditions of so-called 'time savings accounts' for civil service officials, among other things. A time savings account is a tool whereby officials can accumulate free time and save it to use at a later date of their choice. Doing so will allow officials to achieve a better balance between their private and professional lives, within the limits of statutory conditions.

New obligations regarding record keeping and business contracts and subcontracts
  • Luxembourg
  • September 13 2017

The legislature recently amended Article L211-29 of the Labour Code, which concerns special records of employee working hours. The new record-keeping requirements will ensure that foreign employers seconding employees to Luxembourg and employers based in Luxembourg are treated equally. In addition, a new article was recently added to the code, which imposes new obligations on clients and instructing parties entering into contracts with service providers.

New law concerning posting of employees
  • Luxembourg
  • September 06 2017

A new law amending the Labour Code and Article 3 of the law laying down measures to safeguard employment, price stability and business competitiveness recently entered into force. Key changes introduced by the law include the strengthening of company responsibility in subcontracting chains, the introduction of an electronic platform for posting arrangements and the introduction of effective redress mechanisms to enable posted employees to lodge complaints or initiate legal proceedings.

Insolvency & Restructuring

Contributed by NautaDutilh
Recent measures to facilitate restructuring and prevent insolvency
  • Luxembourg
  • June 23 2017

Luxembourg recently adopted a number of legislative reforms aimed at modernising the rules applicable to commercial companies, including a number of reforms which could affect their restructuring and insolvency. Although the main purpose of these changes is to modernise the rules applicable to commercial companies and the relevant publication formalities, they may also prove useful in the framework of corporate restructuring and the prevention of insolvency.

Modernisation of Company Law: new act recognises simplified winding-up procedure
  • Luxembourg
  • November 04 2016

Following the recent enactment of the act modernising the Company Law 1915, Luxembourg law now officially recognises the possibility for companies to be wound up by means of a simplified procedure. Although a simplified procedure had previously existed in notarial practice, it lacked a clear legal basis. The new procedure is an unquestionably useful tool which will further enhance Luxembourg's business-friendly reputation.

New bill aims to modernise bankruptcy legislation
  • Luxembourg
  • October 30 2015

The number of companies declared bankrupt in Luxembourg has increased tremendously since 2009, mainly due to the existing legislation, which is obsolete and no longer suited to modern financial challenges. As such, a bill has been introduced to provide customised tools to help distressed companies to continue their activities and protect stakeholders, notably by favouring restructuring over liquidation.

New right to reclaim data from bankrupt cloud computing providers
  • Luxembourg
  • June 28 2013

The Chamber of Deputies recently voted in favour of a law introducing a right to claim back intangible and non-fungible movable assets from a bankrupt company. The law provides greater certainty as to the consequences of the bankruptcy of a cloud services provider regarding the data that it holds, and contributes significantly to Luxembourg's strong reputation as a centre of excellence for IT outsourcing.

Proposal for right to reclaim data from bankrupt cloud computing providers
  • Luxembourg
  • November 09 2012

A bill has been introduced to Parliament that provides for a right to reclaim intangible and non-fungible movable assets from a bankrupt company. The bill is intended to allow for the recovery of data from a bankrupt provider of distance IT services or cloud computing solutions. The law will provide greater certainty as to the consequences of the bankruptcy of a cloud computing provider for the data in its possession.

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