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New BKPM regulation on investment licences and facilities
  • Indonesia
  • 31 January 2018

The Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) recently issued the Regulation concerning Guidelines and Procedures for Investment Licensing and Facilities. The regulation enables companies investing in a specific business field to apply for a business licence directly without obtaining an investment registration in certain circumstances. Further, it is relatively more lenient than the previous regulation with regard to the divestment obligation imposed on foreign companies.

Exemption from mandatory tender offer requirement for tax amnesty participants
  • Indonesia
  • 12 October 2016

The Financial Services Authority recently showed its support for the government's tax amnesty programme by issuing a circular letter regarding mandatory tender offers as a result of public company acquisitions. The circular letter exempts any investor that has become the controller of a public company through an acquisition from the obligation to conduct a tender offer and is meant as an incentive for investors that control public companies through nominees to participate in the programme.

New Investment Negative List sets boundaries for investors
  • Indonesia
  • 14 July 2010

The government has finally published the long-awaited new Investment Negative List. The new list sets out the lines of business that are closed to investment, as well as those that are open to investment on certain conditions. The new list replaces the previous list, which was issued in 2007.

New regulation on share buybacks unveiled
  • Indonesia
  • 23 June 2010

The Capital Market and Financial Institutions Supervisory Board has issued a regulation regarding the buyback of shares issued by issuers or public companies. This regulation repealed and replaced previous decisions on the same subject matter. Among the board's considerations for issuing the regulation was the need to implement policies that are in line with provisions on share buybacks of the new Company Law.

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