Litigation, Austria updates

Cross-Border Claims under New European Procedures
  • Austria
  • 19 May 2009

Even though many of the legal systems across the European Union are harmonized, the enforcement of claims in different member states can remain a challenge. Thus, new EU procedures for payments and small claims have been implemented, which aim to remedy these problems. As a result, necessary adjustments have been made to the Austrian Code of Civil Procedure.

Court Rules on Terms and Conditions in a Foreign Language
  • Austria
  • 29 June 2000

The Austrian Supreme Court has made some basic statements on agreements on jurisdiction under European civil procedural law. It ruled on the admissability of general terms and conditions that refer to jurisdiction when they are written in a foreign language.

Defendant Company Struck Off
  • Austria
  • 18 January 2000

The Supreme Court has ruled that if a defendant company is struck off the register, proceedings can continue on application by the plaintiff.

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