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Courts revoke Immigration Authority fines imposed on airlines
  • Argentina
  • 05 August 2020

In 2019 a number of airlines challenged fines issued by the Immigration Authority (DNM) – in particular, fines relating to an entrance tax imposed on US, Canadian and Australian citizens. A number of recent court decisions revoked such fines and may lead the way towards a new conceptual approach by the Argentine courts regarding the fines that the DNM regularly, and often incorrectly, imposes on airlines.


Contributed by Bersenas Jacobsen Chouest Thomson Blackburn LLP
Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada unable to consider costs after withdrawal
  • Canada
  • 05 August 2020

The Federal Court of Canada recently upheld a Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada (TATC) decision which had found that the TATC did not have jurisdiction to accept submissions regarding the legal costs of an air carrier's application for a review of an administrative monetary penalty issued by the Canadian Transportation Agency. The court held that as the penalty had been unilaterally withdrawn by the agency prior to the TATC hearing, the TATC did not have jurisdiction to deal with the question of costs.


Contributed by Waselius & Wist
Fate of domestic routes post-COVID-19 hangs in balance
  • Finland
  • 05 August 2020

To reduce losses following the COVID-19 crisis, primary Finnish airline company Finnair has suspended many of its loss-making domestic flights to eastern and western Finland. One possible way to save the suspended domestic flight routes would be for the government to provide direct state aid to airlines that wish to operate them. However, such state aid would require EU Commission notification and approval.

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