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Contributed by Wistrand
Supreme Court strengthens impression that arbitral awards usually stand despite tribunal's procedural errors
  • Sweden
  • 19 November 2019

Recent case law confirms that the Swedish courts uphold the general principle that awards finalise a dispute between parties. In order to successfully challenge an award, the challenging party must prove not only that the procedural error likely affected the outcome of the award, but also that the error is of essential importance.

United Kingdom

Contributed by RPC
In-house lawyer prevented from relying on leaked email and overheard conversation
  • United Kingdom
  • 19 November 2019

An email containing legal advice leaked to a claimant in an employment dispute did not fall foul of the iniquity principle and therefore remained privileged. An overheard conversation, believed to be in relation to the claimant's dismissal, could not be relied on to aid the interpretation of the email as there was no evidence that the individuals engaged in the conversation had seen it.

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