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Court of Appeal dismisses appeal of judgment awarding Apotex damages
  • Canada
  • 17 April 2019

In December 2017 Apotex was awarded more than C$11 million in damages and pre-judgment interest for losses resulting from delays in the US Food and Drug Administration's approval of its amoxicillin-clavulanic acid and levodopa-carbidopa products, which had been caused by contractual breaches and negligence on the part of MDS Pharma Services (MDS). However, the Ontario Court of Appeal recently dismissed MDS's appeal and Apotex's cross-appeal of that judgment.

Apotex seeks leave from Supreme Court of Canada in cefaclor damages action
  • Canada
  • 17 April 2019

The Federal Court of Appeal recently allowed in part Apotex's appeal of a decision awarding Eli Lilly more than C$100 million for Apotex's infringement of eight process patents relating to the antibiotic cefaclor. The court rejected Apotex's argument that a non-infringing alternative would have been available to Apotex during the relevant period. The case was remitted to the Federal Court for reconsideration on the issue of prejudgment interest; Apotex has applied to the Supreme Court of Canada for leave to appeal.

Costco Pharmacies receives C$7.25 million penalty for accepting drug rebates
  • Canada
  • 10 April 2019

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care recently announced that CWC Pharmacies (Ontario) Ltd (Costco Pharmacies), a subsidiary of Costco, has been ordered to pay an administrative monetary penalty of C$7.25 million for accepting payments from certain generic manufacturers which had violated the prohibition on drug rebates.

Proposed changes to OHIP+ programme
  • Canada
  • 03 April 2019

The OHIP+ programme was implemented by the Province of Ontario to provide free prescription drug coverage for all children and youths (ie, individuals aged 24 and under), regardless of family income or whether they have private insurance. However, under proposed amendments to Ontario Regulation 201/96 made under the Ontario Drug Benefit Act, only children and youths without private insurance will continue to receive coverage through the OHIP+ programme.

Health Canada publishes guidance document on post-market drug benefit-risk assessments
  • Canada
  • 27 March 2019

Health Canada recently published its "Overview of the format and content for post-market drug benefit-risk assessment in Canada – guidance document". The objective of the guidance document is to assist market authorisation holders in developing a post-market benefit-risk assessment for a marketed drug when requested.

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