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Draft law on tax benefits for activities dedicated to scientific and technological innovation
  • Macau
  • 14 January 2021

The government has issued a draft law on tax benefits for undertaking activities dedicated to scientific and technological innovation. This draft law is a consequence of the Macau Special Administrative Region Policy Address for the Fiscal Year of 2019, particularly in relation to innovation in the areas of technology and smart-city development, and aligns with the goal of transforming the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area into an international centre of science, technology and innovation.

Proposed new law on h­­otel establishments' activities
  • Macau
  • 15 October 2020

Macau's tourism and entertainment industry has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With this in mind, the Second Standing Committee of the Legislative Assembly initiated discussions on the draft law on hotel establishments' activities, which the government submitted to the Plenary in February 2019. This law is welcome, as it will update the 1996 law and modernise the legal framework which governs Macau's economic engine.

New e-government law will streamline administrative proceedings
  • Macau
  • 16 July 2020

In Macau, administrative acts must generally be performed in writing. Thus, given the way in which COVID-19 has affected everyday life, Law 2/2020, which was recently approved by the General Assembly, could not have come at a more appropriate time. This e-government law enables public bodies to undertake various actions and formalities electronically and, together with Law 5/2005, provides the tools for modern, paperless proceedings.

New minimum wage regime
  • Macau
  • 04 June 2020

Amid the global COVID-19 crisis, the Legislative Assembly has approved Law 5/2020 on workers' minimum wage, which aims to protect workers and avoid overly low salaries. The new law has expressly revoked the minimum wage for cleaners and security workers in the property administration industry and is the first almost-universal regulation to set a minimum wage in Macau.

Data protection exemptions due to COVID-19
  • Macau
  • 07 May 2020

Although several entities have collected and processed personal data based on genuine public health reasons since the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak, such activity lacked sufficient legal grounds in light of the obligation to notify the Office for Personal Data Protection (OPDP). In order to remedy this situation, the OPDP has published three authorisations which exempt entities that process personal data from the requirement to notify it of such processing.

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