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Insurer's subrogation right – statute of limitation period
  • Portugal
  • 22 January 2019

A recent Portuguese Supreme Administrative Court jurisprudence uniformising decision held that the statute of limitation period of an insurer's subrogated right had started only when it had paid the damages incurred by the insured due to a motor accident. The decision is a relevant milestone in administrative jurisprudence, as there are divergent opinions in this regard.

Portugal Finlab – innovation hub for insurtech
  • Portugal
  • 06 November 2018

The Portuguese insurance regulator recently entered into an agreement with Portugal Fintech – a network focused on start-ups that connects fintech founders, investors, academics, consultants and legal advisers – to establish Portugal Finlab. From an insurance regulatory perspective, Portugal Finlab will be a useful tool to ensure an appropriate balance between innovation and consumer protection in the insurance sector.

Amendments to Insurance Supervision Act
  • Portugal
  • 04 September 2018

A number of amendments were recently made to the Insurance Supervision Act in the context of transposing the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. The main amendments concern the protection of communications to the Portuguese insurance regulator regarding violations, the imposition of fines on insurers that violate the EU Benchmarking Regulation and the rules applicable to insurers' marketing of insurance products linked to investment funds.

Legal basis for processing personal health data for insurance purposes
  • Portugal
  • 07 August 2018

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, the processing of health data for insurance purposes requires the data subject's 'explicit consent', which poses enormous challenges for the insurance industry. Portugal has no specific legislation concerning the processing of health data for insurance purposes. However, it is hoped that the anticipated Data Protection Act will provide specific grounds for the processing of such data in this context.

Implementation of EU Insurance Distribution Directive
  • Portugal
  • 24 July 2018

The EU Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD), as amended, should have been transposed into national law by 1 July 2018, with the date of application of the new rules set for 1 October 2018. Although the IDD has yet to be transposed in Portugal, the government has submitted the proposed text of the new statute to Parliament for discussion.

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