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Cybersecurity: overview of relevant legislation
  • Croatia
  • 18 December 2020

The Croatian cybersecurity system is a cross-sectorial complex network of institutions and regulations in constant development but aligned with the requirements acquired through the country's membership of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. From a legal perspective, various cybersecurity matters are covered by several relevant acts, each addressing different issues within its scope. This article explores this legislation.

AI regulation – an overview
  • Croatia
  • 07 August 2020

At present, the regulation of the AI sector in Croatia is practically non-existent, as is the case in many other EU member states. This might be viewed as troublesome, as the technology is advancing rapidly without a specific legal control system to provide guidance. However, the issues arising from the use of AI are complex and difficult to foresee, which makes the legislative process time consuming and demanding.

Data protection, constitutional rights and COVID-19
  • Croatia
  • 24 April 2020

Croatia has among the lowest number of infected persons and persons requiring hospital care due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Despite this fact, the government has amended the Electronic Communications Act enabling the legal use of mobile data as an additional tool in its strategy to combat the pandemic. However, the process has been deterred by the opposition finding the amendments potentially unconstitutional and unjustified.

GDPR implementation grows nearer: will Croatia be ready?
  • Croatia
  • 27 February 2018

The European Commission's recent communication shows that only two member states have adopted the national legislation required to implement the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Others, Croatia included, are at different stages of the process. To meet the May 25 2018 deadline, Croatia should promptly address its national approach to open issues – in particular, its policies surrounding administrative fines.

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