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Court of Appeal rules on testimony of executive board members
  • Luxembourg
  • 12 March 2019

In a dispute between a public limited liability company and one of its employees, the Court of Appeal issued a decision concerning the testimony of executive board members of a party to a dispute. The court's decision contradicts case law that seemed to have overcome this problem with regard to public limited liability companies. Hence, the courts remain divided as to whether the testimony of a director who individually has no power to represent their legal entity will be taken into consideration.

Court of Appeal rules on interpretation of court decisions
  • Luxembourg
  • 16 October 2018

The plaintiff in a recent Court of Appeal case concerning the enforcement of a pledge on shares given to a bank as part of a financing believed that the court's original decision was unclear. It consequently asked the court to clarify whether the decision ordering the return of the shares entailed that the plaintiff should be considered a shareholder from the date on which the bank had unlawfully acquired the shares or effectively returned them to the plaintiff.

Court of Appeal rules on prorogation of general shareholders' meetings
  • Luxembourg
  • 09 October 2018

The Court of Appeal recently ruled on the prorogation of general shareholders' meetings. Although this decision confirms the existing case law on prorogation, it is notable as it is the first time that a court has ruled that a prorogation request can be made before, and not only during, a shareholders' meeting. Ultimately, the decision strengthens the rights of minority shareholders.

New law on court enforcement of European account preservation orders
  • Luxembourg
  • 25 September 2018

The EU European Account Preservation Orders (EAPO) Regulation states that attachment orders must be enforced through the courts in accordance with the procedures applicable to the enforcement of equivalent national orders in the member state of enforcement. As Luxembourg's existing legislation proved to be poorly adapted to the execution of EAPOs, it recently implemented the EAPO Conversion Law in order to introduce a specific court enforcement procedure applicable only to EAPOs.

Court of Appeal rules on loss of credit capacity in bankruptcy
  • Luxembourg
  • 18 September 2018

The Court of Appeal recently ruled on the loss of credit capacity in the context of bankruptcy. This was the first time that the availability of company funds in a third-party account was seen as a sufficient reason to avoid the loss of credit capacity. Thus, the court has finally clarified the notion of the loss of credit capacity referred to in Article 437 of the Code of Commerce in a way that is restrictive and favourable for debtors.

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