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SARS issues new Guide to Understatement Penalties – a move towards greater certainty?
  • South Africa
  • April 27 2018

One of the key changes to the tax administration regime following the Tax Administration Act's promulgation in 2012 was the conversion from the so-called 'additional tax' regime to the understatement penalty regime. While this shift towards greater certainty has been welcomed, a key challenge remains as the new regime's criteria are open to differing interpretations. In this regard, the South African Revenue Service recently published its Guide to Understatement Penalties.

Recent developments in PBO arena
  • South Africa
  • April 20 2018

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) recently issued a press release regarding its intention to investigate possible tax non-compliance in the religious sector. According to SARS, the investigation is in response to, among other things, general reports which have suggested that certain religious organisations and leaders are contravening tax laws and enriching themselves at the expense of tax compliance and their altruistic and philanthropic purpose.

Consecutive asset-for-share transactions
  • South Africa
  • April 06 2018

Section 42 of the Income Tax Act allows taxpayers to transfer assets to a company free of immediate tax consequences, provided that certain requirements are met (ie, there is a roll over for tax purposes). However, certain anti-avoidance provisions may be triggered if the company that acquired the assets disposes of them within 18 months of acquisition. The South African Revenue Service recently provided some guidance on this matter in a binding private ruling.

Did the punishment fit the crime? Tax Court reduces understatement penalty imposed by SARS
  • South Africa
  • March 30 2018

The imposition of understatement penalties under Chapter 16 of the Tax Administration Act, and the factors to consider when imposing such a penalty, is an issue unresolved by the courts. However, a recent Tax Court judgment has set out some helpful principles in this regard.

Taxation of subsistence allowances – SARS issues new ruling
  • South Africa
  • March 23 2018

The South African Revenue Service recently issued Binding Private Ruling 291, which addresses the taxation of subsistence allowances paid by employers to their employees in certain circumstances. The ruling appears to offer guidance regarding the application of Section 8 of the Income Tax Act and suggests that employers may have some leeway in structuring the subsistence allowances that they provide to their employees.

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