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Supplytime – new special task annexes published
International | 26 August 2020

Supplytime has been the industry standard time charter for offshore support vessels for decades. However, in recognition of its broader usage within the offshore and renewables sector as a whole, the Baltic and International Maritime Council recently published four new annexes for special tasks that can be incorporated into this popular standard contract.

IMO 2020's new sulphur emissions cap introduced
International | 04 March 2020

The new sulphur content limits in Annex VI of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships recently came into effect. With the upcoming carriage ban at the forefront of everyone's minds, this article outlines some of the contentious issues which may arise as a consequence of the shift to compliant fuels or scrubbers for shipowners, charterers and operators – from disputes with bunker or scrubber suppliers to challenges with regulatory enforcement.