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Ragit Moshe


Competition & Antitrust

Antitrust authority publishes draft guidelines on calculation of financial sanctions
Israel | 01 September 2016

The Israel Antitrust Authority (IAA) recently published draft guidelines on the factors that the IAA commissioner will consider when determining the financial sanction to be imposed on antitrust violators. The draft guidelines aim to structure the commissioner's decision-making process when determining financial sanctions while considering the specific circumstances of each case and offer a quantitative methodology in this regard.

Antitrust commissioner announces major policy change on excessive pricing
Israel | 30 January 2014

The Antitrust Authority recently published its Draft Guidelines on the Prohibition on Excessive Pricing by a Monopoly, reflecting a significant change in the authority's interpretation of the Restrictive Trade Practices Law. The antitrust commissioner has stated for the first time that charging excessive prices is deemed unfair pricing, and subsequently that this practice is deemed an abuse of a monopoly position.