Ms Hagit Bulmash

Hagit Bulmash


Company & Commercial

Competition concerns arising from minority participation in voting process
Israel | 08 April 2013

The legal and competitive implications of minority shareholdings between competitors are beginning to gain greater attention in Israel. In two recent cases, the court balanced the intentions of an amendment to the Companies Law that grants minority shareholders particular protection against concerns that when a minority shareholder is also a competitor of the company, it could use such power to harm competition.

Competition & Antitrust

Pre-merger negotiations between competitors
Israel | 23 May 2013

Counselling on the appropriate bounds of information exchange and coordination between competing parties that wish to merge or act in a joint venture can be challenging for antitrust practitioners. Due to high levels of confusion, a lack of case law and the need for accurate advice, over the past few months the Antitrust Authority and the appellate court have provided some practical guidelines on this matter.