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Jaime L M Jones


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Private equity funds face increasing risk of False Claims Act liability
USA | 14 November 2018

Evidence is mounting that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is willing to pursue private equity funds in False Claims Act cases, particularly ones based on alleged violations of healthcare fraud and abuse laws. Earlier in 2018, the DOJ intervened for the first time in one such False Claims Act case against a private equity sponsor, the fund's portfolio pharmacy and two pharmacy employees.

Court vacates Medicare Advantage overpayment rule and curtails DOJ's pursuit of False Claims Act damages
USA | 03 October 2018

The US District Court for the District of Columbia recently vacated CMS's 2014 final overpayment rule, applicable to the Medicare Advantage programme, granting summary judgment to UnitedHealthcare that the final rule violated the Medicare statute, was inconsistent with the Affordable Care Act and the False Claims Act and violated the Administrative Procedures Act. Because the decision vacates the overpayment rule entirely, further rulemaking may be necessary.

District court dismisses False Claims Act claims based on no evidence of falsity
USA | 27 September 2017

The US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois recently dismissed the False Claims Act claims brought by the federal government and two state governments based on allegations that Par Pharmaceuticals had orchestrated an unlawful prescription-switching scheme. While the judge acknowledged that Par may have conspired to increase its own profits, it rejected the federal and state governments' claims due to their failure to allege the submission of any claims that actually were false.