Mr Michal Lučivjanský

Michal Lučivjanský


Competition & Antitrust

Who you gonna call? Anti-monopoly Office's non-disclosure practice
Slovakia | 16 June 2016

The Anti-monopoly Office recently found that by informing an external lawyer, Tesco had violated its obligation to cooperate. For this and other violations in this regard, the Anti-monopoly Office fined Tesco approximately €1.6 million. Tesco appealed. Although the appeal decision set boundaries on the Anti-monopoly Office's use of this practice, it confirms that the practice is not in contradiction of the law – especially the right to defence.

Dawn raids – you may call your attorney to come, but cannot say why
Slovakia | 07 May 2015

Anti-monopoly Office inspectors have recently been criticised for allowing undertakings subject to a dawn raid to call their attorneys to come to the premises in order to provide legal aid during the inspection, but expressly prohibiting them from informing their attorneys as to why they should come. This practice is arguably harmful to undertakings subject to dawn raids and breaches their basic rights – particularly the right of defence.