Mr Danijel Stevanović

Danijel Stevanović


Competition & Antitrust

COVID-19: competition commission deadlines during and after state of emergency
Serbia | 21 May 2020

The government recently lifted the state of emergency which had been declared due to the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing normal operations to gradually resume. As a result, all deadlines for the Commission for the Protection of Competition and parties to proceedings that ended between 24 March 2020 and 6 May 2020 are now deemed to end on 5 June 2020. This includes the submission of merger notifications, responses to requests for information, decisions and clearances.

Legislative amendments refine competition regime
Serbia | 23 January 2014

Amendments to the Competition Act recently entered into force and aim to enhance and refine certain substantive and procedural aspects of Serbia's competition regime, as well as to strengthen the powers and institutional capacity of the Competition Authority. Some of these amendments are expected to have material effects on undertakings whose business is affected by competition law in any way.

Competition Council fines Ministry of Education, Science and Youth
Bosnia and Herzegovina | 31 May 2012

The Competition Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina found that agreements concluded between the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of the Canton of Sarajevo and the municipalities of Vogosca, Ilijas, Ilidza, Novo Sarajevo, Stari Grad, Novi Grad, Trnovo and Hadzici, relating to subsidised student transport services, were in breach of competition rules. As a result, the council imposed a fine of €13,000 on the ministry.

A bitter outcome: Sunoko and Hellenic Sugar merger prohibited
Serbia | 24 May 2012

The Competition Authority has failed to approve the proposed concentration between Sunoko and Hellenic Sugar. This decision is particularly important as the proposals demonstrated the depth of investigations conducted by the commission, and provided an insight into the rationale on which the commission based its decision to prohibit the transaction.