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Robert Johnson


Intellectual Property

Specsavers shows Asda the perils of living dangerously
United Kingdom | 05 March 2012

Specsavers' long-running dispute with Asda provides an example of the problems that marketers may face when they try to create a campaign that is based on a competitor's brand, but differs just enough from the original idea to avoid claims of infringement - a tactic referred to in this case as "living dangerously". Even without customer confusion, such tactics may amount to taking unfair advantage of a competitor's trademark.

Tech, Data, Telecoms & Media

ICO urges app developers to respect users' privacy
United Kingdom | 29 April 2014

The Information Commissioner's Office has published guidance aimed at helping mobile app developers to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and to ensure that the privacy of users is protected. The guidance is a timely reminder to developers to consider privacy implications when creating apps.

A lesson to learn for IT outsourcing contract enforcement
United Kingdom | 04 September 2012

Although not directly related to IT services, the recent case of Compass Group UK and Ireland Ltd v Mid Essex NHS Trust provides an instructive reminder of the need for parties to cooperate in long-term service contracts such as those for IT outsourcing. The case shows how aggressive enforcement approaches can easily backfire and breach contractual obligations to cooperate in good faith.