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Rebecca Birkby



Court of Appeal makes rare order for rectification, with interesting consequences…
United Kingdom | 18 June 2019

The Court of Appeal has ordered rectification resulting in one party being in breach of warranty and liable to pay damages. It is rare for the court to order rectification as it is often difficult to satisfy the test to do so. This case serves as a welcome reminder that the court is willing to order rectification to prevent one party from seeking to take advantage of a situation when a mistake is discovered.

Drafting a contract? Beware the well-intentioned but unenforceable agreement to agree
United Kingdom | 05 February 2019

A recent Court of Appeal decision examined a dispute concerning entitlements under an earn-out provision in a share purchase agreement. The claimant argued that, under the agreement, he was entitled to provide consultancy services for a further period to be agreed by the parties. However, the court found that there is no obligation on parties to negotiate in good faith about matters which remain to be agreed and that the defendant was free to negotiate in accordance with its own commercial interests.

A fair approach to share valuations
United Kingdom | 30 May 2017

In a case involving the shareholders of Lush Cosmetics, the Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal relating to the correct interpretation of two companies' articles of association in respect of the valuation of shares which were subject to pre-emption rights, applying Lord Neuberger's well-known judgment on contractual interpretation in Arnold v Britton.