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Open source software and patents: how the GPLv3 affects patent portfolios
International | 05 February 2013

Any software distributor which relies on a patent portfolio in order to protect its developments should think twice about the possible consequences of distributing version three of the General Public Licence (GPLv3) software components as standalones or part of its proprietary developments. A thoughtless distribution of GPLv3 components may lead to the unenforceability of patents.

Data protection authority to attack social plug-ins
Germany | 21 February 2012

Social plug-ins are increasingly coming under pressure as several German data protection authorities have expressed their concern about compliance with German data protection and media laws. In case of non-compliance, administrative fines of up to €50,000 may be imposed. According to press reports, first-public providers have already followed this request and taken down social plug-ins from their sites.