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Pierre-Christian Labeau


Energy & Natural Resources

British Columbia Court of Appeal orders suspension of mining exploration permits
Canada | 11 July 2011

The permits issued by the British Columbia government to a mining company to engage in exploration and sampling projects have been suspended and the government has been ordered to hold a new consultation process. The permits were to allow the company to extract a 50,000 tonne bulk sample of coal and drill 173 test holes in an area subject to Treaty 8. West Moberly First Nations, signatories of Treaty 8, contested the validity of the permits.

Overview of new bill amending Quebec Mining Act
Canada | 13 June 2011

Bill 14, which would substantially amend the Mining Act, was recently tabled in the Quebec National Assembly. The new bill includes a proposal to change the name of the Mining Act to the Act Respecting the Development of Mineral Resources in keeping with the principles of sustainable development. It also introduces new rules on mining claims and mining leases, and new protective, rehabilitative and restorative measures.

Quebec government unveils Plan Nord and details of its implementation
Canada | 31 May 2011

The Quebec government has released details regarding the substance and implementation of the Plan Nord, described by the government as one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken in Quebec. The government hopes to achieve a number of objectives with the Plan Nord, including making Quebec a world leader in the realm of clean, renewable energy and maximising its mineral resource potential.