Ms Barbara Stillhart-Zimmermann

Barbara Stillhart-Zimmermann


Corporate Tax

Court requalifies capital gain as taxable employment income
Switzerland | 21 August 2015

Generally, when a Swiss individual sells his or her own company, the capital gain should be tax free. There are various exceptions to this rule, with the newest introduced by an April 2015 court decision which requalified the entire tax-free capital gain as taxable income from employment. This decision is important for any corporate buyers acquiring a Swiss company from a Swiss entrepreneur.

Vote on lump-sum tax and withholding tax
Switzerland | 12 September 2014

The federal referendum on the initiative to abolish lump-sum tax in Switzerland will take place before the end of 2014. If the new law is accepted, the state will be required to issue implementation regulations within three years. Until then, lump-sum tax under the old law will be maintained.