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Off-duty conduct: COVID-19 and social media ranting – what's an employer to do?
USA | 02 September 2020

Many employers that reopened recently are now facing a new challenge – employee off-duty conduct. At stake are both workplace and customer safety, as well as the company's reputation. This article highlights different scenarios that employers are likely to face and provides tips on how they can practically navigate and mitigate any potential risks when responding to off-duty conduct issues.

Preparing to reopen: how to smoothly transition back to work
USA | 10 June 2020

With the restrictions imposed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic slowly loosening, businesses are thinking about returning to work and what this will look like in practice. While it will not be business as usual, this article highlights how employers can smoothly transition back to work, including through the use of transition teams and plans and by focusing on safety, staffing and a reopening timeline.