Dr Barbara Jelonek-Jarco

Barbara Jelonek-Jarco


Corporate & Commercial

Have we already concluded an agreement?
Poland | 06 November 2017

Parties that negotiate a contract for sale when they are based in different countries are not always aware of the legal nature of their negotiations and the possible legal consequences. As such, it is advisable that parties choose the law applicable to the contract being negotiated and the negotiations themselves as soon as discussions begin. In the event of a dispute, this will enable them to avoid the potential risk of the courts finding that the contract in question has already been concluded.

Corporate Finance/M&A

Non-disclosure agreements: an effective tool during negotiations
Poland | 12 July 2017

To a large extent, the security and success of a transaction depends on the correct execution of the process preceding its finalisation. At the pre-contractual stage, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is the first agreement that regulates the mutual relationships of the parties involved in the negotiations. Concluding an NDA in Poland is of substantial significance as, in the case of a violation, it enables a party to seek damages to the fullest extent possible.

Real Estate

How to determine price in real estate contracts – earn-out and clawback clauses
Poland | 13 March 2020

In today's world, contractual provisions must be flexible. Transactions involving real estate often require special legal solutions. In particular, this flexibility should apply to the determination of the price in the contract or, more precisely, the possibility of increasing or decreasing the price after the conclusion of the contract.