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Superior Court of Justice clarifies inapplicability of Consumer Protection Code to cargo claims
Brazil | 11 July 2018

The 2nd Section of the Superior Court of Justice has unified the court's understanding of the applicable time bar for a subrogated insurer to pursue a claim for damages which occurred during maritime transport. This is a highly important precedent, as it has resolved a long-standing divergence between the Brazilian courts.

Mandatory insurance and maritime accidents: law versus reality
Brazil | 11 October 2017

Federal law provides that all vessels registered before Brazil's port captaincies must buy the mandatory insurance for personal injury caused by vessels or their cargo. However, such insurance has been discontinued due to a lack of insurers willing to underwrite the risks involved. Now, after a number of passenger fatalities in recent accidents, industry players and the government are being called on to ensure that policies are offered which soften the burden borne by victims and their families.