Mr Chris Parker

Chris Parker


Arbitration & ADR

Shareholders' unfair prejudice disputes may be arbitrated
United Kingdom | 03 March 2011

A High Court decision confirms that disputes which would otherwise be raised through an unfair prejudice petition before the courts can be referred to arbitration. It reflects the established pro-arbitration stance of the English courts by recognising that parties should be free to agree how their disputes are resolved.


Insurance arbitrator reinstated on basis that he or she qualifies for appointment under arbitration clause
United Kingdom | 03 April 2018

The English Court of Appeal has reversed the High Court's decision on whether a party-appointed arbitrator met the contractual requirements as to requisite experience. The English Court of Appeal held that that an English queen's counsel with experience of insurance and reinsurance law was sufficient to comply with a contractual clause requiring arbitrators to have "experience of insurance and reinsurance". The decision highlights once again the importance of drafting arbitration clauses clearly.