Mr Jing Han

Jing Han

Lawyer biography


  • Juris Doctor (JD) - University of Minnesota Law School, Aug. 2013-May. 2016
    Major Courses:  Corporation Law, Federal Securities Law, Patent Law, Trademark Law, Unfair Competition, Anti-Trust Law, Bankruptcy, Contract Drafting, IP Moot Court, Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology, Bankruptcy Legal Clinic.
  • Juris Master (JM) - Peking University Law School, Sep. 2006-Jul. 2009
    Major Courses:  International Trade Law, Intellectual Property Law, Securities Law, Corporation Law, Private International Law, Maritime Law.
  • General Medical Degree  Zhejiang University Medical School    Sep. 1994-Jul. 1999
    Major Courses:  Anthropotomy, Histology & Embryology, Pharmacology, Diagnostics, Physiology, Microbiology & Immunology.

WORK EXPERIENCE                        

  • Global Law Office/Associate, May. 2019-Until Now
    Supported Partners in all phases of the national or international commercial arbitration and civil litigation, including collected, drafted and translated the witness statement, conducted legal research, and provided the legal advisory service to clients.
  • East & Concord Partners /Associate, Oct. 2016-May. 2019
    Supported Partners in all phases of IP rights infringement litigations, anti-unfair competition cases, protection of trade secrets and disputes over IP licensing contracts, including drafted complaints, answers, legal memoranda, cross-examination briefs, defense pleadings and petition for appeal.
    Participated extensively in non-litigation business projects, such as foreign direct investment projects and projects of the overseas equity transfer, including drafted and reviewed the Share Purchase Agreement and conducted the Legal Compliance Review for clients.
  • Minnesota District Court in Hennepin County/Law Clerk, May. 2015-Sep. 2015
    Judicial Extern for Judge Daniel C. Moreno.
    Supported clerks in all phases of civil and criminal litigations. Prepared draft decisions, legal memoranda and proposed jury instructions. Partnered extensively with clerks on trials, hearings and motions sessions. Conducted legal research on areas of law including insurance law, healthcare law and administrative law.
  • Tulip Capital Co. LTD, Beijing/ In-House Lawyer, May. 2012-Aug. 2013
    Drafted and revised financial and investment agreements. Conducted the legal feasibility assessment and due diligence on investment projects. Revealed the legal risks of investment projects to the decision-makers of the company and proposed the corresponding solutions. Conducted the legal research and legal analysis and provided the legal advice to the corporate decision panel.
  • Second Hospital, Zhejiang University College of Medicine/Audiologist, Aug. 1999-Aug. 2006
    Engaged in clinical scientific research and diagnosis & treatment work, through the actual operation of various audiological equipment, including acoustic immittance, pure tone threshold audiometry and brainstem auditory evoked potential, to provide doctors with diagnostic basis and scientific research data. Completed the various teaching and scientific research tasks assigned by Zhejiang University Medical School.


  • Lawyer’s Practice Certificate in People’s Republican of China issued by Beijing Lawyers Association.
  • Medical Practitioner’s Qualification Certificate in People’s Republican of China issued by Department of Public Health of Zhejiang Province.
  • Patent Agent Qualification Certificate in People’s republican of China issued by National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC.
  • Securities Qualification Certificate in People’s republican of China issued by Securities Association of China.


  • Mandarin Chinese & English


Arbitration & ADR

Fraud claims in letter of guarantee not subject to arbitration clause in underlying contract
China | 17 October 2019

An independent letter of guarantee involves a legal relationship between the applicant, the issuer and the beneficiary. Without an arbitration clause in a letter of guarantee, it is unclear whether the arbitration clause in the underlying contract can also bind the issuer. A recent Supreme People's Court ruling provides a clear answer to this question.