Mr Michael Obst

Michael Obst


Energy & Natural Resources

Renewable Energy Sources Act Revised
Germany | 15 December 2008

The Renewable Energy Sources Act 2009 has been designed to meet Germany’s renewable energy target of 30% of total power by 2020. It will result in significant changes for plant operators, in particular regarding remuneration, self-marketing of electricity and the consequences for grid system operators of disconnection due to grid capacity shortages.

Renewable Energy Sources Act Changes Proposed to Benefit Offshore Wind Farms
Germany | 14 July 2008

Last year, Germany - the former world leader in wind power installations - lost a considerable amount of ground. Hopes that offshore wind power would fill the gap left by the long-expected downturn in onshore business were not fulfilled. This update reports on the status of German offshore projects and the possibility that planned legislation will boost the German market for wind power at sea.