Ms Panayiota Papakyriacou

Panayiota Papakyriacou


Employment & Benefits

Parliament votes to introduce Protection of Paternity Law
Cyprus | 11 October 2017

Parliament recently voted to introduce the Protection of Paternity Law. The law came into force on August 1 2017 and gives fathers in Cyprus the right to two consecutive weeks' paid paternity leave. The law has introduced statutory family-friendly rights to Cyprus for the first time, giving employers the opportunity to incentivise and support parents in their workforce.

Employment Tribunal confirms applicability of Law 98(I)/2003 for public employees
Cyprus | 10 May 2017

The Court of Industrial Disputes recently examined a case in which two public sector workers claimed reinstatement and compensation for unlawful dismissal following the termination of their fixed-term employment contracts. The applicants argued that due to their length of service, their employment status should have been recognised as permanent under the Fixed-Term Employees (Prohibition on Discrimination) Law (98(I)/2003).