Mr Kyriacos Varnavas

Kyriacos Varnavas


Arbitration & ADR

Only arbitrator has locus standi before court regarding extension of arbitration procedure
Cyprus | 15 February 2018

The Nicosia District Court recently issued an order which referred a dispute to arbitration. The order stipulated that the arbitrator should deliver a final decision within nine months. One of the parties applied to the court for an extension of the arbitration procedure. The court rejected the application on the ground that only the arbitrator had the right to apply for such an extension.

District Court of Limassol denies originating summons application
Cyprus | 17 August 2017

The District Court of Limassol recently issued a judgment in relation to an application filed by the Cooperative Bank of Limassol in 2016. The applicants had sought a court order to cross-examine the affiant on certain paragraphs of his affidavit, which supported a 2014 application for the registration and enforcement of an arbitral award in Cyprus.