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Lara Saguna Axiaq


Shipping & Transport

Future of ship recycling in the European Union
European Union | 05 December 2018

The EU Regulation on Ship Recycling obliges EU-flagged vessels to conduct dismantling operations in European Commission-approved ship-recycling facilities in accordance with the Ship-Specific Ship-Recycling Plan and the Inventory of Hazardous Materials. The regulation aims to mitigate and eventually eliminate the adverse effects of operating, maintaining and recycling EU-flagged ships on human health and the environment.

Mortgage amendments – when are they required?
Malta | 21 November 2018

A mortgage over a Malta-flagged vessel may be drawn up to secure the payment of a principal sum and interest, an account current or the performance of any other obligation – including a future obligation – due to a creditor by the debtor. The parties to an underlying security document may enter into negotiations resulting in changes to the terms set out in the security document. The question that therefore arises is whether a mortgage amendment should be registered to reflect the new terms.

Lost mortgage instruments
Malta | 07 November 2018

The registration of a mortgage over a Malta-flagged vessel in favour of an individual, corporate lender or security trustee (the mortgagee) requires the filing of a statutory mortgage instrument (the deed) at the Maltese Ship Registry. However, what happens if the original mortgage instrument is misplaced? Maltese law affords two remedies in such instances; the chosen remedy will depend on the remaining duration of the registered security.

Malta – a reputable flag of choice
Malta | 13 August 2014

With its centuries-old maritime tradition and as an EU member state, Malta has become the largest European maritime flag and also the seventh largest flag worldwide. Thanks to the unstinting efforts of the government and the maritime industry, Malta has developed into a reputable flag of choice and quality, which offers a wide array of international maritime services and fiscal incentives.