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Dentons is a global law firm built on a legacy of pioneering and innovation. Founded by three highly-regarded law firms, Dentons is polycentric and maintains a coherent culture of diversity and international focus free from any dominant culture. We have no single headquarters or cultural identity, regardless of the heritage of our constituent parts.

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Arbitration & ADR

Need for speed: get your anti-suit injunction fast!
Singapore | 11 April 2019

Parties entering into arbitration agreements ordinarily abide by their contractually chosen dispute resolution mechanism and proceed accordingly. However, counterparties sometimes start proceedings in a foreign jurisdiction in breach of an arbitration clause. A recent Singapore Court of Appeal decision sets out firm guidance that a party that finds itself in this scenario should act as fast as possible to restrain the counterparty by way of an anti-suit injunction.

Company wound up in record time despite claims that dispute was subject to arbitration
Singapore | 07 February 2019

In a recent High Court judgment, the plaintiff successfully imposed a winding-up order on a debtor company six weeks after the service of a statutory demand for an underlying debt of $250 million. This decision is an important comment on the standard of proof required for a debtor company to show that there is a dispute – and therefore stave off winding-up proceedings by a creditor – where the underlying contract is subject to arbitration.

Paving the way for third-party dispute resolution funding
Singapore | 22 November 2018

In 2017 Parliament aligned Singapore with other leading arbitration jurisdictions by embracing third-party funding as a viable method for increasing access to justice for parties involved in specific arbitration proceedings. Less than one year later, the market for third-party funding in Singapore has seen significant activity, and practitioners and clients alike are keen to explore the benefits and opportunities associated with third-party funding.