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CGM positions itself as a “client-service firm,” which means it is prepared to assist its clients from the most sophisticated transactions to the management of their daily legal routine. CGM’s service model focuses on solving its clients' issues in a responsive, efficient and business-oriented manner, combining technical expertise and creativity. The team works at a swift pace and has in-depth knowledge of the law and business environment of the country. The firm’s professionals’ long-term experience working with international clients results in the ability to explain the Brazilian legal system to foreigners in an efficient way and in being sensitive to the cultural differences of doing business in Brazil and elsewhere.


Employment & Immigration

Coronavirus in Brazil: what employers need to know
Brazil | 25 March 2020

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continuing to affect the world – and employment law – this article answers FAQs for Brazilian employers. For example, can companies cancel job offers prior to the start date? And who pays for employees' time away from work due to COVID-19?

What is PM 905 and will it lead to another labour reform in Brazil?
Brazil | 19 February 2020

Provisional Measure 905/2019 (PM 905) was recently published in the Official Gazette, creating a new type of employment agreement specifically designed to incentivise companies to offer individuals aged between 19 and 29 their first formal job in exchange for benefits relating mainly to payroll taxation. The final decision regarding PM 905 should happen after April 2020 but, in the meantime, companies should seek legal advice while implementing the proposed changes.

Superior Labour Court rules out simultaneous use of hazard allowance and risk premium
Brazil | 11 December 2019

The Labour Code provides for two payments which eligible employees can receive in addition to their base salary: the hazard allowance and the risk premium. Since 2015, the Superior Labour Court panels have issued conflicting decisions on whether employees can receive the hazard allowance and the risk premium simultaneously. Now, the Superior Labour Court has determined that the additional payments cannot be received simultaneously, even if employees are exposed to different adverse conditions.

Outsourcing: a new paradigm
Brazil | 16 October 2019

In a recent decision, the Supreme Court addressed an important question relating to the day-to-day activities of companies operating in Brazil: is the outsourcing of services allowed without restriction or should it be limited to non-core business activities, as set out by Precedent 331 of the Superior Labour Court? This decision is relevant because it will affect the standards adopted by the Brazilian labour courts in relation to outsourcing.