Mr Yoshimasa Furuta

Yoshimasa Furuta



New international jurisdiction rules: foreign companies must brace for change
Japan | 17 May 2011

Forthcoming changes to the Code of Civil Procedure will transform much international litigation involving a Japanese party. They will significantly affect many foreign companies that do not have offices in Japan, but engage in continuous transactions there, as well as foreign companies whose consumer contracts contain forum selection clauses designating a jurisdiction outside Japan.

Sovereign immunity, international jurisdiction and courts' powers in labour disputes
Japan | 13 April 2010

When a labour dispute is litigated in the Japanese courts, jurisdiction may be restricted by virtue of the sovereign immunity of one of the parties or by the lack of a basis on which to accept international jurisdiction. However, recent legislative and case law developments in both areas will have a significant impact on the power of the Japanese courts to adjudicate labour disputes.