Mr Bilal Anwari

Bilal Anwari


Capital Markets

OJK tightens control over bankruptcy disclosure by issuers and public companies
Indonesia | 07 November 2017

A recent Financial Services Authority (OJK) regulation sets out new disclosure obligations that apply to issuers and public companies in Indonesia and creates a new penalty regime for non-compliance. The regulation is significant for investors with an interest in the Indonesian Stock Exchange and is consistent with other measures that the OJK has taken to improve transparency and align the reporting obligations of issuers and public companies with international standards.

White Collar Crime

Anti-corruption update: some encouragement for whistleblowers and first-ever prosecution of corporation
Indonesia | 24 December 2018

A number of anti-corruption developments took place in Indonesia in 2018. For example, the Government Regulation on Public Participation in the Prevention and Suppression of Corruption was issued in order to incentivise more whistleblowers to come forward and encourage public participation in the fight against corruption. Further, the Corruption Eradication Commission brought its first-ever prosecution against a corporation.