Ms Elisabeth Eklund

Elisabeth Eklund


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Price cut introduced once pharmaceuticals approved for 15 years
Sweden | 09 October 2013

The government and LIF (the trade association for the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden) have agreed that prices of all pharmaceuticals will automatically be lowered by 7.5% after they have been approved for 15 years, while maintaining the value-based pricing model. The reduction will apply regardless of whether the product in question is subject to competition by generics.

New rules for setting prices and supply of pharmaceuticals
Sweden | 04 September 2013

Special investigator Sofia Wallström's inquiry into the pharmaceutical and pharmacy market caused a stir when it was delivered to the government. The inquiry is divided into three parts - a proposal for a new pricing model for original pharmaceuticals without generic competition, availability of pharmaceuticals in pharmacies and substitution of pharmaceuticals in pharmacies.