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Jesper Windahl

Cargo claim heard in Denmark despite exclusive jurisdiction agreement referring to High Court in London

Shipping & Transport - Denmark
WSCO Advokatpartnerselskab

The Danish High Court recently addressed whether legal proceedings against a Danish shipping company, which had contracted to carry containers from China to Copenhagen, could proceed in Denmark irrespective of the fact that the claimant and the shipping company had agreed that the dispute should be heard exclusively by the UK High Court.

Foo Joon Liang

Court rules on challenges to AIAC and statutory adjudication

Litigation - Malaysia
Gan Partnership

A high court recently issued the first decision regarding a constitutional challenge of the legitimacy of statutory adjudication under the Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012.

Elizabeth Mireya Freidenberg

Federal court dismisses passenger damages claim for rescheduled flights

Aviation - Argentina
Freidenberg Freidenberg & Lifsic

Federal Civil and Commercial Court 2 recently dismissed a damages claim against Aeromexico brought by two passengers for the rescheduling of their flights.

Dwayne Whylly

COVID-19: lay-offs, short time and redundancies – what you need to know

Private Client & Offshore Services - Bahamas
Lennox Paton

In times of crisis such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, employers and employees alike need to be aware of their rights and obligations.

Jonas Löfgren

Biosimilars still not subject to mandatory substitution

Healthcare & Life Sciences - Sweden
Westerberg & Partners Advokatbyrå Ab

Both the Medical Products Agency and the Dental and Benefits Agency (the authority which decides on reimbursement) have long held the position that biosimilars are not interchangeable or substitutable with their reference products, which has been reiterated in different policy papers since 2007.

Martin André Dittmer

DCCA enforcement: merger control suspended

Competition & Antitrust - Denmark
Gorrissen Federspiel

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across Denmark, merger control has come to a temporary standstill and significant parts of the country's public administration have already been shut down for three weeks.



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